Run multiple Best Damn Race Half Marathons and earn Bonus Bling!

Sign up for extra bling on your journey to run as many Best Damn Half Marathons in 2022 as you can. This Bonus bling starts after your second BDR Half and keeps going after your 3rd, & 4th!


Best Damn Runner


Super Damn Runner

How to Qualify

  1. Click here to enroll as a 2022 Best Damn Medal Head.
  2. Complete two or more 2022 Best Damn Race Half Marathons. (Only Half Marathon’s count toward this program)
  3. Receive your bonus medal(s) at each event. You have to be registered prior to the event to receive it.
  4. You must register with the same NAME, EMAIL, DATE OF BIRTH, AND ADDRESS for all events.
  5. You must complete each qualifying event and be listed in the results. Events include BDR Safety Harbor 2.6.22, BDR Orlando 3.6.22, BDR New Orleans 3.20.22, and BDR (New City to be announced) 11.6.22.